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Machelle Renea Wynn
Found murdered August 29, 1995
She was 17 years old.
Last seen in Lincoln Home apartment complex on the way to school by her
Anyone with information should contact Detective Harris at the Goldsboro
police department. 919-580-4242

Or Crime stoppers of Wayne County at 919-735-2255
or the State Bureau Of Investigation at 919-662-4500
You can also call 1-919-826-0347 and leave a message.
KimSu Ann Carroll-Robinson
Found murdered March 18, 2001
on Carolina St. In Goldsboro, NC
She was 29 years old.
Anyone with information should contact Detective Dale Foster at the Goldsboro
police department. 919-580-4242
Or Crime stoppers of Wayne County at 919-735-2255
or the State Bureau Of Investigation
Barbara L. Lewis 252-756-4755
Beth Ellen Vinson

On August 23, 1994, the body of Beth Ellen Vinson was discovered discarded on Wicker
Drive.  The victim was last seen on August 16, 1994 on Capital Boulevard near Yonkers
Road, driving a 1990 White Mazda 626, four door vehicle.

As a result of the continuing investigation of this homicide, the Department has
determined that the victim had in her possession four pieces of jewelry on the night of her
death as well as a multi-colored cloth purse.  These items have not been recovered.

Investigators hope someone may recognize or be in possession of these items and come
forward with information that could be helpful in solving this case.

There is a $12,000 reward offered for information in this case.

If you have information concerning this case, please call the Raleigh Police Investigative
Division at (919)890-3555 or call Crime Stoppers (919)226-CRIME(27463).

The following is a description of the missing items:

Made from sterling silver spoon (1970), Gorham brand, Chantilly pattern, size 6

Silver (faux), white stone that gets darker with body heat, size 6

Yellow gold, amethyst (purple) stone, 2 diamond chips, stackable type ring, size 6

14K gold, 2 Amethyst stones on outside (1/3 CT.), 1 Garnet stone in the center (1/3 CT.),
size 6

Cloth material, "earthy" color (burgundy, burnt orange and brown), 6" wide X 4 1/2" tall,
black shoulder strap, figure of a cowboy is woven into the material, zipper on the top with
leather strap
*Latisha Evette Kornegay: Ms. Kornegay, 25, was working as a cashier at the
Check-N-Go store at 508 N. Spence Ave. Her body was
found by a regular customer at about 11 a.m. Nov. 2, 2002, about an hour and a half after the
store's normal opening time. The
customer said the front door was locked, and after waiting 50 minutes, he went to the back door
and found it open. He found the body
and called 911. Ms. Kornegay, who had two small children, was alone and there were no signs of a
break-in. Company officials in Ohio
have announced a reward of up to $25,000. Investigator: Mike Horstmann.
*Tameka Domanic Woodard: Woodard, 22, of 308 E. Walnut St., was killed June 10, 2001, during a drive-by
shooting at 613 N. James
St., where he was visiting and, at times, lived. Several people frequented the home that was occupied by Ronnie
Swinson. Investigators
said several rifle shots had shattered two windows and two vehicle windows. Investigator: Sgt. Tony Carmon.
Cold Case: Murder of Teenage Boy Still Unsolved

After nearly 10 years, investigators plea for help from public to find killer.
Kara Lusk
Tuesday, February 7, 2006

It's a 10-year old murder mystery. In 1996 someone killed a 16-year-old Goldsboro boy and left his body in a field in
Lenoir County.
A decade later-- and still no arrests. But there are plenty of questions for both the family and investigators. Even
with the questions, they believe this case can still be solved.

"It doesn't get any easier. He was my baby, and he was wrenched from my heart," said Linda Graybeal of

Linda and her husband John Graybeal cling to every memory they have of their son Jared-- especially the last time
they saw him alive.

"He came through here and came running to me at my recliner, and he pulled me up and said, 'I love you, mom,'"
said Mrs. Graybeal.

Jared Graybeal was 16-years-old. On the morning of April 4th, 1996 a Lenoir County farmer found his body lying in a
field between Kinston and La Grange.

"The body of Jared Graybeal was actually located at the end of that collard patch out there," said Maj. Chris Hill,
with the Lenoir County Sheriff's Office.

He had been stabbed several times in the chest and neck.

"This is one of those cases that you're not going to forget, and we're never going to forget him," said Hill.

Major Hill is one of the many investigators from Lenoir County, the Wayne County Sheriff's Office, Goldsboro Police,
and the State Bureau of Investigation-- who has poured in countless hours to solve this case.

They turned up a key piece of evidence about a half-mile from the field. It was the knife they believe was used to kill

"It's quite possible that the person who did it, was driving the car and threw the items out the window," said Hill.

Another piece of evidence-- a car. Investigators believe Jared borrowed it from a friend in Goldsboro working at a
restaurant that used to be called "Cafe Edelweiss."

Hill says the car showed up near the restaurant in Goldsboro about two hours before Jared's body was discovered
in Lenoir County.

"The Goldsboro officers responded to it, and at the time they did not know that car was connected with a homicide,"
said Hill.

The Graybeals believe their son never left the restaurant parking lot on his own will.

"I think some people got him, people came up and got in on either side," said Mr. Graybeal.

Maj. Hill says they still have a lot of unanswered questions. But as for the key question-- investigators believe they
do know who's responsible.

"You know in your heart who did it, but you can't do anything about it, and we don't live in a society where we just
punish people on a whim just because we have a gut feeling of who we think it was," said Hill. "We have to be able
to show twelve people that this person beyond a reasonable doubt committed a crime."

"From day-one I've always said that I would rather them not arrest anybody and take it to trial and then the person
get off," said Mr. Graybeal.

But every second that goes by, the Graybeals and investigators believe it's another second that someone is
withholding information.

"We received a call that said Jared had either been killed or killed somebody, yes," said Mr. Graybeal. "That was a
horrible voice on the phone, and that was before we knew he died," said Mrs. Graybeal.

Now those seconds have turned into years.

"Ten years have almost passed now, and there maybe somebody out there we never talked to who actually knows
something about this case. They may have heard somebody bragging about it, and if that person's out there,
hopefully they'll come forward and say I've got something to tell you," said Hill.

For the Graybeal family and investigators-- hope of solving Jared's case lives on, because evidence never dies.

And regardless of the punishment here-- the Graybeals believe the ultimate punishment is in the hands of a higher

"We pretty much leave the punishment in the Lord's hands. He'll take care of it," said Mrs. Graybeal.

Police desperately need your information to solve the murder of Jared Graybeal.

If you know anything-- call Lenoir County Crimestoppers at 252-523-4444 or Wayne County Crimestoppers at
919-735-2255. You don't have to give your name-- just your information. A reward of up to $7,000 is being offered
in this case.

For more information on other unsolved crimes in our state, visit the web site for the N.C. State Bureau of
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