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Unsolved Murder - Sonja Spruill Day
Case Detail
City/County: Plymouth State NC  
Crime Date September 26, 1994  
District: Northeastern  
Description: On Monday, 9-26-94, Sonja Spruill Day, W/F/33 of 110G Sawmill Circle, Plymouth, N. C.
(Washington County) was found by her 11 yr. old son and 2 school friends shortly after 3:30 p.m. when they
came home from school.

The apartment was locked from inside or with key (dead bolt) from outside and her son didn?t have a key.
He climbed up on the balcony of the second floor apartment and entered through the unlocked sliding glass
doors. Her body was found face up in his mother?s bedroom with her throat cut and stab marks/holes in
neck and chest.

Her hands were bound at the wrist and tied to each corner of the headboard with electrical wire cut from the
bedroom lamps in the apartment. One ankle was wrapped with a black bra but not tied to anything.

The victim had on shirt, shorts and underpants, no shoes. Forced entry was not apparent. Blood was found
in several rooms, but very minor except on the victim and her bed. The victim was a heavy crack user and
known to turn tricks for drugs.

Numerous leads are being pursued locally and out of State. The victim was an ex-con and had a boyfriend
murdered in December 1993 in Washington County while she was in prison. He was beaten and stabbed. He
was a heavy cocaine dealer.

Anyone with information can call the State Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-334-3000. Rewards for
information are available and you can remain anonymous.

NC State Bureau of Investigation / Robin P. Pendergraft, Director